We are a full service mobile grooming salon locally owned & operated serving the Aurora and East Denver (Colorado) area.

Why choose a mobile option instead of a traditional store groomer?
- The convenience of not having to run to the groomer twice; you don't even have to leave your house!
- After you have built a relationship with us, you can feel comfortable leaving your home and returning to a freshly groomed dog!
- Less stress for your dog. There are no other dogs in the van and your dog is the groomer's total focus.
- The dog doesn't have to endure a car ride he may not like but can continue to be freshly groomed on a regular schedule.
- No crate dryers!

Why choose a mobile groomer who is certified?
- We have been properly educated in the well-being and safety of your pet.
- We have been trained in both pet and show trims (see our before/after for examples).
- We have been through pet first aid instruction.
- We don't believe in shaving your dog as a first option due to coat matting.
However, not all coats can be brushed out. Some coats are in such poor condition that shaving is an only option.
We Bring Professional Grooming To You
Why choose Sudzy Dogz for your grooming needs?
- We have state of the art equipment in our Sprinter Endurance van.
- Our Sprinter Endurance van has the capability to groom more than one dog at a time if your family has more than one.
- We are fully licensed and insured.
- We are certified groomers and are Red Cross Dog First Aid certified.
- We will never sacrifice quality for quantity!

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