We Bring Professional Grooming To You

Dear Colorado clients -

It is with much regret we inform you that we are no longer in Colorado. Wilhelm and I made a very difficult decision to sell our house. With that, we also decided to move to where we've always wanted to go - The Pacific Coast. Specifically, Sequim Washington.
When we left Colorado we felt we had left Sudzy Dogz in the good hands of our employees. Unfortunately, within days we realized it wasn't as stable as we originally hoped. We discussed our options and decided that closing the business was best. We were already out of Colorado by then, with no easy availability to get between the two states as we felt the business then needed.

We do realize closing the business as abruptly as we did was not the greatest option but we felt it was the best option. We did make an attempt to let our customers know what was going on, but someone took it into their heads to also call our customers and tell them their dogs would be groomed anyway. Because of this confusion, we stopped calling people. Again, not the perfect option but we felt the best option.

We wish you all the best and thank your for trusting us with your pups!
Kathryn & Wilhelm